How it works?

Simple and effective

That’s the best way to describe mySendle. We deliver your package to a foreign country. Inexpensively and quickly. Enter your details, create an account and start shipping immediately. The system guides you through the process step by step.

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Standard insured

Send your parcels without worry. All shipments are insured up to an amount of one thousand euros. Does your package have a higher value? Then you can increase the amount of the insurance of the shipment. Quick and easy. . Check our terms and conditions

Track & Trace

Obviously, you will want to know where your package is. mySendle offers an advanced track & trace system that always keeps you informed of the location of your shipment, in real-time and accurately. So that you can follow the journey step by step.

Your own back office

Manage your data in your own mySendle back office. Everything is possible. You can easily change the data or organise a shipment. It’s all possible and very simple. Invoices, shipment history and any correspondence are also displayed here. You can also create your own shipping labels if you wish. Quick and easy.

Link your webshop

You can integrate mySendle into your webshop. How does that work? With an API connection. This link ensures that your system exchanges data with mySendle. The process from purchase to shipping through your webshop is then fully automated. View our API documentation to find out what it takes to connect your website to mySendle. Not sure how to do it? Then we’ll be happy to help.

Free pick up

Do you send multiple parcels every day? Then mySendle offers a free pick-up service. The carrier will then collect your shipments daily. Please contact us and ask for the conditions.

Cost-effective and fast

Perhaps most importantly, mySendle works with competitive rates that are reliable and fast. We handle your package with care. Always and everywhere. And that goes for our partners too. So, you can ship with confidence. Is there a problem? We’ll solve it together.

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